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  Title: Quick thoughts on current Version AAT
Mar 12, 2010 - 9:57 pm
Posted By: A-Blitz

Well having played the current main game a good bit this round I decided today that its not worth it for me to continue. Even though one certainly could with a hull over 370. That wouldn't take long to do trading even from Satellite ports. Top 10 wouldn't do it for me considering that is about all I have gotten in probably 4 to 5 rounds over past 2-3 years. All have been Solo expeditions with the exception of two rounds I believe and one being top five on my stats.

I discontinue for now because I didn't have access to my teammates account to get the excelsior I needed in order to take out a player with a 30/1 kill stat. This and the fact that once you lose special planets, its usually hard to find the really good ones again via 500 sg devices perhaps. Once you get an alliance bounty like E. Burroughs had, you can be stuck in a ship without a hull which pretty much screw you for the game because you don't have access to ports or other ships at all.

I got a little bit more to post about what you really need to do if your still playing the main. tbc tonight

If your running a game, you'll want to disable the sector nova bomb(nova artifacts) because it is too powerful. The regular novas are already too strog once you get into a sector via attack & run, since they destroy any planet after usually 3-4 successful novas. Without the sector nova its not a big deal. The point being that you cant defend agains sector nova regardless of multiple layer defense. You can't put all your assets into 1st layer because of it but yet this 1st layer will be taken down and your 2nd, which you may have everything invested will be nova'd anyway.

Entry Edited 6 times - Edited on Mar 12, 2010 - 10:53 pm

  Title: Open invite
Dec 30, 2009 - 6:59 pm
Posted By: A-Blitz

I would like to invite some of the "old school" Guys to join an alliance in the future. The players I had in mind are players like Kwae Zar, Alf, and some of the former veterans who mainly built. This also includes some who are playing other space games *cough*, Spar and Perhaps some who have felt frustrated by anything related to the game .

There are most likely quite a few of these older AAT vets But some were before my time and most likely haven't visited the site for ages. So I'm not singling out a few, I just haven't had any contact with a lot of the older ones. On another note, The profile comments are blanking out when you try to leave one.

So what I wanted to cover (Team dependent) is strategies like
1. Trading from the beginning of round
2. Your first planets and later mobilization
3. Your first large SG layer, tho not as important seeing as how there are special commodity planets in real space making you more than 100 planets in an sg even with 2-3 of these special comm. planets.
4. Deception in your sg.
5. Making aggressive players think twice before returning to destroy your hidden sg.

I don't see a whole bunch of interest so far though.

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